Shawn & His Mom at the Mark Chesnutt Show

Country music has forever been a part of Whiskey Tango Owner Shawn Brown's life...in fact, as far back as the early 70's, he recalls his parents listening to artists like Tammy Wynette, George Jones, Buck Owens, Johnny Cash & many others. He commented about watching the Hee Haw show just about every Saturday night when he was young...and wanting to talk about the artist and the show in general with friends...but that wasn't cool.

So, as a "Closet Country Music Fan" he spent most of his country music listening time...either around home or when his friends weren't around or when he was at the family's Lake of the Ozarks property. Country music has always been something I could identify with - the songs were and still are much like my life! The music is REAL and it speaks directly to your soul! The songs tell about people, family, events - both good and bad, our younger and older days and so many songs can bring back a memory with just its melody!!! With-in a split second we find ourselves caught up in a memory - which the song brings back for us! I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC!!!

"When a past partner came to me with the idea of opening a Country Western Night Club - I was immediately interested...in fact, maybe too interested - too quickly," Shawn recalls. With a full time career in the packaging industry - where was he going to find the necessary time to help establish and run Whiskey Tango!?! "My major concerns were dismissed initially, when it was revealed that his role would be one of providing the capital needed to start the endeavor, but once that was done - his role would be a reduced one...and he could remain focused on his current career in the packaging industry...and as needed, he would serve as a financial advisor of sorts and also work with the company's advertisers.

Well, due to some circumstances that could not been seen at that time, his involvement become quite a bit larger than it was to be initially...but with the help of a trusted advisor (my father, one of the greatest business minds out there – not to mention my mentor and best friend), he took it all in stride and I can only say this, "Whiskey Tango continues to pursue excellence in every way and our number one focus is and will remain, To Provide Our Customers With The Absolute Best Entertainment Experience Available Among Kansas City Nightclubs".

Shawn went on to say, "My experience was very limited in the restaurant and nightclub scene - like none -.other than as a patron!!!" It became very clear that having someone around that I could trust and also learn from, would be one of the keys to our success. I have always believed that surrounding ones self with others who are experts in their fields and letting them do what they do best - makes life less complicated and more importantly, it gives you a better chance at SUCCESS!

He also says, "It has not been an easy first few months, but nothing worth having ever is!" The club has always been the first priority and with that - it means taking care of our customers...even when there may be other issues or situations at hand that appear equally as important"! "Bottom line, our customers tell us, THEY LOVE THE CLUB and that makes all the other behind the scenes business seem less important." Whiskey Tango, since opening its doors December 8th, 2004 has come a long, long way, going from 3 original partners to NONE!!!

On behalf of Wes and everyone at Whiskey Tango, I want to THANK YOU, our customers, for making Whiskey Tango the Hottest, Largest and Most Entertaining Country Night Club in Kansas City!!! Our customers are quickly becoming our friends & that is something really special.

Shawn Brown